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Instrumentation and Lab Tech Services

Data acquisition and process instrument systems

Automatic Control Systems

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Electrical power systems

Infrastructure, integrity and support

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity Management, corrosion control ...

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Instrumentation and Lab Tech Services

Data acquisition & process instruments calibration ...

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Corrosion Control & Cathodic Protection

External Corrosion Monitoring

  • We conduct Close Interval Corrosion Survey to ensure that the entire structure has adequate cathodic protection.
  • We conduct Corrosion Survey to reasonably ensure that the entire structure still has adequate cathodic protection resulting from inference or stray current.
  • We do a resistance bond checkout to ensure that the structures affected by the bond are maintained at proper potentials.
  • We conduct leak surveys to determine the cause of the leak and the corrective actions required to prevent future leaks.
  • We conduct soil resistivity tests to determine the corrosion activity at the interface of the facility or pipeline and the surrounding soil.
  • Soil pH Analysis
  • We conduct soil ion-composition analysis to determine the potential of ionic current threat
  • We do bio-analysis to ascertain MIC activity at the interface of the pipeline and soil.

pipeline corrosion 1

Internal Corrosion Monitoring

  • We do gas composition and pressure analysis to determine the type of active corrosion; sweet or sour service and the severity.
  • We conduct facility containment analysis to determine the presence and potential threats of conducting fluids.
  • We conduct water chemistry analysis to determine its severity and potential threat to the internal integrity of the facility.
  • We conduct bio-test to determine MIC activity.
  • We model the flow characteristics and pipeline profile to accurately locate most probable pipeline segment with critical threat.
  • We install, subjectively to the ambient environment, and inspect corrosion coupon, ER probe, LPR probe, hydrogen probe and galvanic probe.


Cathodic Protection

  • CP1 We conduct rectifier operational checkout to ascertain the serviceability of all the components necessary to impress current to the anodes of the impressed current system.
  • We do an impressed current anode bed survey to determine the condition of the anodes and its performance to ensure that all anodes are fully operational.
  • Test station installation and maintenance
  • Isolation pipe (insulated) flange testing, installation.
  • Thermit and brazing-pin welding
  • Containment – case pipe testing
  • Cathodic protection technical challenges trouble-shootingpipeline constr
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