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Instrumentation and Lab Tech Services

Data acquisition and process instrument systems

Automatic Control Systems

Hardware and Software

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Electrical power systems

Infrastructure, integrity and support

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity Management, corrosion control ...

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Instrumentation and Lab Tech Services

Data acquisition & process instruments calibration ...

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Instrumentation & Calibration Services

At Accellup Consulting, we offer instrumentation and calibration services that cover the following measuring instruments:

  • Pressure Calibration
  • Flowmeter Calibration
  • Density Calibration
  • Mass flow meter characterization
  • Temperature Calibration
  • HART process instrument calibration
  • and others.

We specify requisite process instrument configurations from various OEMs, install and commissioning of various instruments and field data acquisition instruments. We are also available for for field life cycle support, maintenance, calibration and decommissioning of customers installed data acquisition instruments.

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