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Pipeline Integrity Management

Our integrity management program (IMP) is a tight and well-structured three phase technique designed to address looming pipeline failures and, by extension, associated challenges in the oil and gas sector. It embodies an error-free, leak-free, spill-free and incident-free operation of pipeline systems onshore with no ill effects on health, safety, environment (HSE) and the economy.

Oil pipelines Abu Dhabi

We have developed a robust approach and technique to tackle specific inspection challenges. Our philosophy is being different and outstanding in protecting client’s pipeline assets.  In addition to conventional inspection techniques, we employ a progressive intelligence approach in our pipeline integrity management program (IMP) that technically ensure inspection prevents failure. This cost effective process of our  preliminary inspection methodology objectively preempt and locate defects without a hitch.

PIM framework

  • Intelligent integrity data gathering for onward evaluation and interpretation
  • Prescriptive-based integrity threat assessment and ranking
  • Performance-based integrity threat assessment and raking
  • Integrity verification, assessment and integration
  • Integrity technical challenges trouble-shooting.
  • Intelligent integrity inspection interval and procedure.
  • Integrity threat remediation and repair protocol.
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