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Instrumentation and Lab Tech Services

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Automatic Control Systems

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Pipeline Integrity

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Project Management

Project Management

Accellup Consulting offer project management consulting and training solutions.

  • Our services avail organizations the tools and techniques they need to meet their unique organizational and project human resource needs and demands. Working with our clients to identify their peculiar business requirements, we provide project management consultancy and training solutions that enhance their skills for efficient project deliveries. This helps organizations to deliver cost effective, profitable and timely results while still meeting their budgetary and other project constraints.
  • Using project management skills and methodologies, we help companies to successfully manage and execute their projects and advance their organizational project practices. This is with the objective of realizing, speedy project delivery, outstanding business results and overall profitability.
  • Our programs and training afford participants exposure to indispensable and vital business-critical skills that comply with industry and global standards and certifications. These skills and expertise are crucial must-haves that develop organizations’ human resource capacities and also equip them to confront future challenges. The results we deliver fit them to relevantly compete and and meet the demands of the opportunities that abound in the local and global work place.
  • We offer personalized training and coaching to busy executives covering the vital areas of Project Management training and the implementation of Project Management methodologies in organizations.
  • Strategic and feasibility studies covering all aspects of business and business development.


Project Management

We offer Project Management consulting services that cover the following areas:

  1. Project Management Consulting
    • Organizations who want to succeed in today’s ever competitive world are shifting towards a project approach. Whether commencing a new multi-million dollar product or business segment or planning how to deliver new services clients, project management methodologies and approaches will enable them to deliver results that are within budget, on time and of high quality.

Using project management approach, we work with organizations to improve and deliver on their project with a higher and more predictable pattern of success. We work with all levels of organizations – government, industry and not-for-profit institutions to set up, plan, implement, monitor and complete their project works.  We work with all organizations including those that are not strictly projectized to realize their stated objectives when they need to handle project works.

  • Project management support services – We offer project consultancy services that help companies and organizations and help them to identify areas that need improvements and enhancement to their business project practices.
  • PMI® PMP Certification Training.– We offer corporate, groups or individuals customized or personalized training that help organizations and project staff to succeed at their PMI® PMP certification examinations. As part of our training, we provide executive coaching and mentoring that enhance candidate’s confidence towards successfully writing their PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) examination. Tailored to suit their peculiar pace, our students can achieve success within the shortest timeframe suitable for their needs. Our clients (both corporate and individuals) are able to write their PMI® PMP certifications examinations with higher confidence level and assurances of success.
  • Project Management software training with Microsoft Project®


As part of our programs, we offer training on the use of Microsoft Project®. Upon the completion of our training programs, participants will be able to use Microsoft Project® to;

  • Plan their projects, meet crucial deadlines and budgets
  • Build project schedules complete with tasks and resources,
  • Track actual work against the plan,
  • Share project status with their team members and stakeholders,
  • Able to take corrective actions to restore their Off-track projects back on track.
  • The familiar Microsoft Office like interface affords users extensive formatting & features that can customize to meet their project needs and in a user-friendly intuitive way.
  • .…. and lots more.

Accellup Consulting offer not-for-profit organizations these services at highly reduced rates and under favorable terms and conditions. School leavers and graduates are also availed of the opportunity to learn and develop business relevant skills that are must-haves for the local and global work place.



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