Partnering with RPE Electrotech LLC., Izhevsk, Russia, Accellup Consulting is the Nigerian and Sub-Saharan Africa sales and services representative for RPE Electrotech LLC.

Leading in the development and manufacturing of high-pressure flow and data monitoring systems for oil and gas industry, Electrotech’s manufacture Coriolis flow meters (rated to 15,000psi), electromagnetic flowmeters, and vibrating densitometers among others, for oilfield and industrial services operations.

These non-radioactive sensors and data recording systems are ideal for measuring inline treatment process fluid densities, flow and mass volumetric rates, pressures, and temperatures.


Electrotech high pressure Coriolis flow meter for density and flow measurement


RPE Electrotech data measurement and recording instruments are ideal for high pressure, high temperature, and high flow oilfield and industrial operations such as;

  • Primary and secondary cementing
  • Drilling (mud systems)
  • Well killing
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Thermochemical fracturing
  • Bottom hole HPHT acid treatments