We have experience working on equipment used in industry, medical and technology laboratories and oil field applications. The following organizations are among our growing list of clients for whom we have successfully handled various projects are;

White Diamond Salt Company, Port Harcourt

Equipment commissioning, maintenance and support service. Training of personnel.

WEAFRI Well Services Nigeria Ltd; Port Harcourt.

  1. Testing, repairs, and recommissioning of high-pressure pumping Automatic Density Control (ADC)
  2. Training of technicians and operators on the use of Unipro-II data acquisition hardware and software on ADC systems.
  3. Training of ADC  operators on operating software for the ADC and Unipro-II units. Operation, calibration, and repairs on ADC and Unipro-II units

Emobella Engineering Nigeria Ltd; Lagos.
Verification of process plant instrument status – Siemens CMASS and MAGFLO smart instruments at CO2 used on cogeneration plant operated by Contour Global for Coca Cola plant at Benin City.

New RIVOC Company, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt.
Industrial boiler, spectrophotometer and other laboratory equipment.

University of Uyo, (Pharmacology Department)
Repairs, test and running of Unicom spectrophotometer.

Port Harcourt Refining Company – Alesa Eleme, Rivers Statte

Basic PLC Training for Port Harcourt Refining Company – Instrument Department (in collaboration with Hinds & Hinds Limited, Port Harcourt)

Halden Nigeria Limited, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt. Repair of laboratory desktop Incubators

Calibration and test running of high pressure chemical injection pump for Chevron field operations at Escravos (Delta State) Base

University of Port Harcourt (Biotechnology Department).

Repairs, recertification of various laboratory tests and analytical instruments equipment. Equipment: Laminar flow chamber, freeze dryers, laboratory desktop centrifuge, Thermo Scientific Genesys200, Spectrophotometer, light microscope etc.

Rivers State University (Medical Laboratory Department). Repairs, test and running of Unicom spectrophotometer.